Workplace Accidents

Logging, Mining, Construction, Toxic Exposure, and More

Logging and Mining industries in West Virginia can have some rugged and difficult working conditions. Laws are in place to ensure worker safety, but accidents can still happen. If you have been involved in a workplace accident while working in a mine operation or for a lumber company, give Hatcher Law Office a call.

Construction companies also have laws in place for worker safety; however, injuries from falls, faulty equipment, and other hazards can occur. Repeated hazards that go unaddressed in a construction environment can lead to significant harm and even death. Workplace accidents and deaths can occur when an employee’s body is partially or completely crushed due to mechanical failure or operator negligence.

In some workplace situations, there can be repeated toxic exposure to materials, such as chemicals, gases, or other substances that can bring health problems. There may be hazardous materials in almost any job that can cause severe and chronic allergic reactions and even death. Some of these situations may require investigation and laboratory-type testing to figure out how severe the problem may be.

Businesses have insurance companies and attorneys to fight for their side, so be sure to contact Hatcher Law Offices if you or a loved one are the victim of a workplace accident. In most cases, there are no fees charged unless we recover damages.