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Hatcher Law Offices Serves Personal Injury Claims in Hurricane WV & all of Putnam County WV

Hatcher Law Offices is here to serve clients in Hurricane, WV & all of Putnam County WV who need an effective personal injury attorney. We have the experience to help you get the settlement you need in your case. We consult with you to review your injury situation and will let you know what kind of compensation you can expect under the law. Our attorney will work hard on your behalf, so give our office a call (800) 554-7198 to schedule your personal consultation.

Winfield, WV’s Number One Choice for Criminal Defense

In Winfield, WV, when someone faces criminal charges, they can call Hatcher Law Offices to consult with a criminal defense attorney. Whether you face misdemeanor charges from a DUI incident, or have felony charges, our attorney will pursue an aggressive and innovative defense strategy. We give you an honest assessment of your options under the law.

Hatcher Law Offices Represents Wrongful Death Cases in Scott Depot, WV

The residents of Scott Depot, WV who need a wrongful death lawyer may call upon the experience of the Hatcher Law Offices. Our attorneys know the law and the most effective way to pursue your wrongful death case. We will consult with you about the particular details of your matter and can advise you about what you may expect. Our lawyer and compassionate staff will attend to your court case until everything is settled.

Attorney for C8 and Asbestos Exposure

C8 and asbestos exposure runs high throughout West Virginia. Trust Hatcher Law Offices to fight for your right to compensation after a cancer or mesothelioma diagnosis. We will also work with you to file a wrongful death claim in regards to C8 or asbestos exposure when applicable. Hatcher Law Offices serves all of Scott Depot, WV, and the surrounding areas with legal representation for C8 and asbestos exposure.

Hatcher Law Office Serves all of Putnam County, WV

If you are living in Putnam County, WV, and need an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury or criminal defense attorney, contact Hatcher Law Offices today.
Our attorney will fight for your case and work to get the compensation you deserve. Hatcher Law Offices represents Scott Depot, Winfield, and Hurricane, WV, and the surrounding Putnam County areas.